Configuring Email form in Builder

Select contact form in your Website builder that you would like to configure, click on the "Pencil icon" (edit) and select properties. 

Click on the E-mail settings tabs and fill out the form.

  • Form will be sent from this E-mail should be the same email as in the SMTP setting in the next step

Form will be sent to this email: Enter email to whom you would like this message to be send. 
Form will be sent FROM this email: Form will be sent from this E-mail should be the same email as in the SMTP setting in the next step (email username)!!
With Subject: Enter your desired email contact subject. Eg.: Contact form
With Sent Message: Message that will appear to user after completing the contact form. Eg.: Your message has been send. 


Click on the SMTP tab and then on SMTP Enable checkbok.

In order to use the contact form you will have to use SMTP and you will have to use the existing email and server, to send the email. 
If you have email hosting with us it is strongly recommended that you create a new email inbox for sending email such as: and configure form with the settings bellow.

You can also use any other email provider as long as it supports SMTP. You will just have to change login credentials and SMTP server and port. 


SMTP Host: (replace with your active domain, if you have any other DNS records pointed to email server use them)
SMTP Port: 25 
SMTP Username: Enter your full email address that was used in the previous tab as sending an email (Form will be sent FROM this email)
SMTP Passowrd:
Enter your email password.


Click on Apply button, publish your website, then you can open your website URL and test out your email form.

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