If you’re so privacy oriented, why do you need my personal information to order? Print

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All needed information is provided already in our Privacy Policy, but here are few points you might find interesting.

Why do we want and need your real personal information?

  • our Revenue Service and international tax laws obligate us to do so. We only store this information as long as it's required by these laws and delete this information as soon as we're allowed. Our only intent is to complete purchases and transactions in the way we are legally required.
  • we want to know who we are doing business with in order to build a trust relationship.
  • from previous experiences, the one who is hiding real identity doesn't have good intentions and doesn't want us to be able to make any legal actions against him/her when issues occur. This is true for vast majority of cases.

Additional food for thoughts:

  • if you don't trust us enough to give us real personal information, how do you trust us with the data you upload to our infrastructure?
  • how do you expect us to trust you if you provide us fake details? The trust is not one side thing only...
  • do you have any issues with providing your private data on social media?
  • do you use Android or IOS device and feed your private data to big corporations (willingly or unwillingly)?

If you want to know more on what we do with your data, you should read Privacy Policy in full instead of simply clicking "I agree with...". We take privacy very seriously and we respect laws, including GDPR.

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