Can an individual order a Admin plan and other way around? Yes. No matter if you are an individual or organization you can order any Nextcloud plan. How can I access Nextcloud via browser? You can access Nextcloud by visiting URL bellow: How can I upgrade disk space on my Nextcloud? First, you will need to login to  In the main menu click on Services then My... How to add A record? If you are using your own domain and you would like the domain to be pointed to our server or... How to add App Password How to generate App PasswordIf you are using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) you will need to... How to delete my Nextcloud account? You can remove your Nextcloud account by logging in to your account via web interface then in the... How to login to Nextcloud on Android app Normaly the app will sign you in automatically but if you have troubles, fallow the steps... My account has been disabled If your Nextcloud user account was disabled please contact our support by opening a support... Nextcloud App Download Connect to your Nextcloud with our clients for all your devices:      Sharing files and folders Share the file or folder with a group or other users, and create public shares with hyperlinks.... What is the difference between Single and Admin Nextcloud? On Nextcloud Single you can have only 1 user account and on Admin you can add as many you like.... Where can I find server address?   You will find your server address details in "Welcome mail" received after confirming your...
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